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Senior Developer
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Senior Fullstack Developer 

Position description

As part of maturing the IT capabilities within the organisation, we are expanding the current SaaS product into a robust cutting-edge platform built in-house to better meet the emerging business requirements. The solution will act as a one-stop portal for sustainability management within a diverse range of manufacturing organisations. The unique underlying technology of the platform takes the guesswork out of sustainability measurement. With more and more prominent organisations adopting EcoChain as their tool of choice, we are in the position to shift into a higher gear.

A new version of the platform is being designed with the following points of improvement in mind:

  • Scalability
  • Analytics
  • Automation
  • Security
  • Goals

Do you want to make the world a better place, just like us at EcoChain? Are you passionate about sustainability? Would you like to make an actionable difference and empower manufacturers to reduce their environmental impact? We are looking for a senior fullstack developer with a keen mind not daunted by complex architecture. You'll be actively developing software as well as leading other developers and taking part in strategic planning. You will form an integral part of the core team, with an option of part ownership in the company. You're an enthusiastic developer who keeps up to date with the latest relevant technologies and practices.


Initially maintenance on a PHP/MySQL system will play a part in your day to day activities.

Further to that you'll be involved in: 

  • software implementation,
  • design discussions,
  • architecting new services and apps,
  • peer reviews,
  • leading junior/median developers,
  • performing devops tasks


  • University / HBO / WO in IT or Informatics


  • Minimum 5 years development experience


must have:

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • REST
  • JSON
  • SQL
  • GIT
  • Linux & bash scripting
  • OAuth2
  • knowledge of OWASP
  • NoSQL (e.g. MongoDB or Neo4J)

nice to have:

  • DDD
  • NodeJS
  • Golang
  • Microservices
  • Docker
  • AWS
  • Elasticsearch / Solr
  • ReactJS / AngularJS

Salary indication

€ 5.500 p/m, depending on qualification (+ additional bonus for experience on LCA or environmental tools)

Interested in this position?

Mail your cover letter and resume to jobs@ecochain.com. For questions regarding the content of this feature; contact Jaco Kruger, jkruger@ecochain.com. For further questions please contact HR specialist Pauline Holwijn through jobs@ecochain.com


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Companies are increasingly aware of the fact that sustainability is becoming an important source for growth, a positive image and profits. EcoChain has developed a unique application that helps companies increase the return on their sustainable investment by quantifying the ecological and economic impact of their company activities.

The EcoChain application calculates the sustainability performance of manufacturers on three levels: manufacturing sites, processes and product portfolios. It provides them with valuable insights into the sustainability performance on all levels of the organization. The results on product level are making it possible for companies to produce sustainable products. Sustainable products deliver increasingly high premiums in the market while further securing the business in the long run.

EcoChain is a young dynamic company with a challenging plan for international growth. This makes for many opportunities to advance and grow within the organization.