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Revolutionary environmental management application

Based on EcoChain's Activity-Based Footprinting method

The Invention- Activity-Based Footprinting

The revolutionary EcoChain application is the result of our Activity-Based Footprinting method. The software starts when you enter the amount of energy and materials in use and divide them across the company, the processes and, finally, across the products and materials. This is a top-down approach instead of the traditional bottom-up approach.

Calculate Environmental Impact

Once you have entered the data, EcoChain calculates the environmental impact at every level. It shows you the environmental impact of the value chain, the company, the processes, and the products. The impact can be broken down into 31 different environmental categories – from CO₂ to water toxicity – or displayed as an Environmental Cost Indicator (ECI) score.


Insights for More Sustainable Value Chains, Companies, and Products

EcoChain shows you exactly how and where the environmental impact arises. You gain detailed insights into the environmental impact generated by suppliers, transportation, energy, and your own operational processes. It shows you how that factors into your products' environmental impact. And you see immediately where you can post environmental benefits and see what that offers.

Creating LCAs and EPDs

EcoChain allows every company to create a Life Cycle Analysis of their product portfolio at a fraction of the cost and effort of a single, traditional LCA. It makes no difference if you’re looking at ten or several hundred products. What is more, EcoChain has a document generator built right into it so you can generate standard reports such as Life Cycle Analyses and Environmental Product Declarations quickly and easily. The reports meet all legal requirements so they’re ready for verification. EcoChain is also accredited to verify your LCAs and EPDs.


Legal Requirements

The EcoChain application is fully certified and meets all the required standards such as ISO 14040-44, EN 15804 and, more specifically, the SBK assessment method applied in the Netherlands. Furthermore, EcoChain has been validated by the internationally accredited registrar and classification society DNV GL. The Life Cycle Analyses that EcoChain calculates can be verified quickly and easily for inclusion in the Netherlands National Environmental Database. Moreover, the EcoChain organization is a recognized assessment agency and MPRI licensee.

Data Safety

Data safety has top priority at EcoChain. We have developed the application according to the latest international safety standards and we test it regularly. Both the data and data traffic are fully encrypted. You have maximum control over your data and can determine which data you want to disclose. This way, you can communicate results without sharing sensitive data or formulas from your production processes.


Entering Data Efficiently

You can use EcoChain in conjunction with all common ERP programs. So data does not have to be entered manually, but can be transferred directly from your ERP systems. Not only does that save weeks of entry time in complex situations, it also prevents many errors. Here, you can see the data entry process at work.

  • 1Data collection and validation
  • 2Enter energy and material consumption
  • 3Take stock of production processes and allocation algorithms
  • 4Enter products and formulas and link them to the processes
  • 5Outcomes: all insights

Baseline LCA compliance &
sustainable supply chain

  • Features:
  • Product CO2 footprint
  • LCA & EPD data calculations for your entire portfolio, with limited LCA indicators
  • EPD data publications
  • Mass balance calculation & corrections
  • Product Scope 3 calculations

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  • Extra (pay per use):
  • Full compliant EPD
  • Short EPD product profile sheet
  • Audit & mass LCA validation
  • EcoInvent database

Full environmental management

  • As the FREE version with additional features:
  • LCA calculations with all LCA indicators
  • Advanced hotspot analyses on Company, Process & Product level.
  • Company Scope 3 calculations
  • Advanced Scope 1, 2 & 3 data consolidations
  • Energy management
  • CO2 management
  • LCA audit management
  • Supply chain management
  • Transport management

EcoChain can be applied for multiple norms

  • ISO 14040/44 compliance
  • ISO 14067 compliance
  • EN 15804 LCA compliance
  • PAS 2050 LCA compliance
  • European PEF compliance*
  • European OEF compliance*
  • ISO 14021/25 compliance
  • ISO 14001 data framework
  • ISO 50001 data framework
  • GRI data framework environment
  • EU Energy Efficiency Directive EED

*Activated when established by EC

Examples of results from EcoChain

Which materials or processes cause the biggest environmental impact on the final product?


The contribution of the company's direct emissions compared with those of suppliers.


Overview of the environmental impact per product. EcoChain offers the option of comparing products at an individual level or on the basis of total production.


This view summarizes the contribution of materials, transport or processes to the ECI of a product.