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The advantages of EcoChain for production

The smart way to save


Many companies lack the data that could help make their manufacturing processes more sustainable. EcoChain lets you see your material and energy flows at company, process and product levels. Once you can see this, you know right away where you can improve efficiency and achieve the most environmental benefits. In practice, this can also result in huge cost savings.

Choose the most sustainable suppliers

Many companies haven't the faintest idea about how suppliers determine the sustainability of their products. Using EcoChain, you can rank your suppliers according to sustainability, and make choices that make your products more sustainable.

Choose the most sustainable suppliers
  • Met EcoChain kunnen we gedegen en zeer efficient de milieuprestaties van al onze producten meten
    "With EcoChain, we can assess the environmental performance of all of our products accurately and very efficiently" Gé Moonen, CEO Moonen Packaging
  • Met EcoChain blijven we koploper in duurzaamheid
    "With EcoChain, we’re still the leader in sustainability" Rudi Daelmans, Sustainability Director, Desso
  • EcoChain geeft ons waardevolle inzichten waarmee we ecologische prestaties van onze processen en producten verbeteren. Daardoor blijven we een koploper in duurzaamheid.
    "The EcoChain methodology is helping us to create valuable insights enabling us to improve the ecological performance of our processes and products and maintaining our leading position in sustainability." Rob Karsmakers, Site Manager Philips Drachten
  • Binnen Dunlop werken zowel Productie, Inkoop als Marketing en Sales met de EcoChain uitkomsten.
    "At Dunlop, our Production, Purchasing and Marketing & Sales all work with the EcoChain outcomes" Jan Bongers, Marketing Director Dunlop Footwear
Tested software

Tested software

There's a good reason why international consulting firms such as Accenture, EY and KPMG work with the award-winning EcoChain application, and why Gartner, the leading technology research company recommends EcoChain. Hundreds of companies are becoming more sustainable, and doing so faster and more efficiently, with EcoChain.

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