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Boudewijn Mos, co-founder and director business development was one of the keynote speakers during the Horwath HTL Hotel Event. He presented the conclusions of the 'virtual hotel' research. At the request of ABN AMRO, EcoChain has set up a virtual hotel that makes it possible to....

discover hotspots with a high environmental impact, making hotels faster and smarter more sustainable. Boudewijn Mos:"On behalf of ABN AMRO, we have now exposed big opportunities for the entire hotel industry. It is now up to the sector to make the next steps. We notice that businesses are increasingly choosing sustainable suppliers, including hotels. If you make convincingly progress you will be attracting more business."

Impact of waste

Maarten Bruinsma, LCA Expert with EcoChain, conducted the analysis and wrote the report:"It is important that you make choices based on insight. In this way, investments can be made in a way that will prevent the shift of problems. The research showed, for example, that the impact of waste plays a relatively large part in hotels, although the biggest environmental gain can be achieved by simply switching to green electricity“.

Here you will find the EcoChain report (Dutch version) as presented during the conference.

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