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EcoChain launches free version of EcoChain

EcoChain launches free version of EcoChain

This free version gives entire business chains the opportunity to become more sustainable together, in a more transparent and effective way. The vast majority of companies find that over 85% .......

of their products’ environmental impact is created farther up the chain. Companies can use this version of EcoChain to have suppliers calculate the environmental impact of the products they supply, at no cost.

How does EcoChain work within the supply chain?

The suppliers are invited to register for the free version of EcoChain, and they input the necessary data themselves. EcoChain then calculates the footprints of all the company’s products. The supplier in turn publicizes the results from EcoChain in the product catalogue. This way, the supplier is providing the necessary transparency, and the company can use the product data to calculate the impact of its end products. A company can also make concrete agreements with its suppliers about how to improve environmental performance. The data behind these outcomes, however, have been kept optimally secure and is only accessible to the suppliers.

What else can you do with the free version?

Using this version, any company can make LCAs for its products. Within the EcoChain platform, companies can see product information such as the CO2 footprint or MKI (the Netherlands’ environmental cost indicator) values. You can see which of your products perform well (and which ones don’t).

What other features does the full version of EcoChain have?

The free version of EcoChain only produces the LCA data. Using the full version of EcoChain, a company can generate a wealth of statistics and graphs that provide valuable insights at the process and operations levels. Among other things, these insights will show you ways to make your material and energy consumption as efficient and effective as possible. In addition, the full version has a document generator with which you can have your LCA approved, for example if you’re publishing an EPD.

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