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Significant signals for a lasting world
We meet a lot of people who want to make the world more sustainable and better. Our product makes that..
EcoChain launches free version of EcoChain
This free version gives entire business chains the opportunity to become more sustainable together, in a more transparent and effective way. The vast majority of companies find that over 85% .......
Bolletje discovers surprising insights
Food processors routinely measure the raw materials and utilities used in their production process and carefully monitor what becomes product and how much is wasted. However, the cost of...
Fast-growing Benefits of Nature wins 2016 TASPO Award
Benefits of Nature has won the TASPO award in the 'most innovative service of the year' category. The German award is.....
Niels Jonkers new senior Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) expert at EcoChain
As of 24 October 2016, Niels Jonkers will be a Senior LCA expert at EcoChain. Niels studied environmental chemistry at the University of Amsterdam, where he also did his doctoral research. He has over 8 years’ experience in LCA methodology development and ...
EcoChain develops virtual sustainable factory
A virtual factory can indicate precisely where losses (to pollution) of materials and fuels are taking place. The savings....
Recycle Concept ‘Stack It’ is a good example of circular economy
Moonen Packaging, a developer and distributor of sustainable packagin has managed to make the coffee cup circular. The coffee cups are....
mm1 and EcoChain announce their collaboration
mm1 and EcoChain announce their strategic collaboration. This collaboration creates new....
Tebodin and EcoChain introduce the Circular Production Scan
Tebodin and EcoChain worked together to introduce the Circular Production Scan. In just one day....
Roy Schmidt new Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) specialist EcoChain Technologies
New Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) specialist.

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