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Three examples that show why Recycling is no measure for Circularity
  Author: Jochem Mos, founder EcoChain Technologies The transition towards a Circular Economy is becoming a mainstream topic and businesses are moving forward with efforts to measure their circular performance. At the same time solution providers are offering business intelligence applications to measure circularity. Measuring circularity is complex. Circularity implies the capacity to retain resources used throughout value chains while causing zero impact on the environment, -...
Philips reports its Environmental Profit & Loss enabled by EcoChain
Philips wants to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation. Since 2016 the company has been running a program to deliver ambitious sustainability goals by 2020 for the company’s products, operations and supply chain. In the 2017 annual report, Philips released for the first time, an Environmental Profit & Loss (EP&L) statement -  including a monetary valuation of the environmental impact that - calculated and presented using EcoChain tools and...
EcoChain Technologies receives 2 million euro from Volta Ventures to accelerate expansion
EcoChain Technologies has received an investment of € 2 million from the investment fund Volta Ventures, which will have a minority interest in the company.
ABN AMRO and EcoChain teaming up
ABN AMRO and EcoChain Technologies announced today that they will be working together. ABN AMRO is introducing a new service in which business clients will use EcoChain to get a new understanding of their operations. This information will be worked out in business cases that enable the companies to accelerate their transition to sustainability, while seeing higher financial and social returns.
Tebodin makes sustainability actionable
Tebodin developed a circular production scan based on EcoChain in early 2016.
Inspired by our users, great new features in EcoChain
Our product lifecycle experts work with our customers every day and it is this constant feedback that inspires us to make continuous improvements in EcoChain’s functionality. You will find an overview of our latest updates here but we want to highlight two great ideas that came directly from our users. An overview of all the latest updates you will find here . 
Heros Sluiskil makes great sustainable steps with granova®
Granova® from Heros Sluiskil is a product that replaces conventional aggregates used in the production of concrete. Heros Sluiskil process Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) - residue consisting of non-combustible materials after the burning of household waste in a municipal solid waste incinerators across the Netherlands - so that this waste can be used instead of sand and gravel extracted from the earth. With a MKI of 0.071 euro per tonne and a 0.597 kg CO2 emission, granova® is...
Greenfish and EcoChain start collaboration
After months of preparation, Greenfish and EcoChain started in September with the active phase of their collaboration. Based on EcoChain's insights, Greenfish helps customers grow their business processes and develop sustainable products. The first customers are already on board.
Boudewijn Mos, co-founder and director business development was one of the keynote speakers during the Horwath HTL Hotel Event. He presented the conclusions of the 'virtual hotel' research. At the request of ABN AMRO, EcoChain has set up a virtual hotel that makes it possible to....
EcoChain in SMEs top 100 innovative companies
EcoChain was included in the top 100 of the most innovative SME companies in the Netherlands in 2017. EcoChain is ....
Significant signals for a lasting world
We meet a lot of people who want to make the world more sustainable and better. Our product makes that..
EcoChain launches free version of EcoChain
This free version gives entire business chains the opportunity to become more sustainable together, in a more transparent and effective way. The vast majority of companies find that over 85% .......
Bolletje discovers surprising insights
Food processors routinely measure the raw materials and utilities used in their production process and carefully monitor what becomes product and how much is wasted. However, the cost of...
Fast-growing Benefits of Nature wins 2016 TASPO Award
Benefits of Nature has won the TASPO award in the 'most innovative service of the year' category. The German award is.....
Niels Jonkers new senior Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) expert at EcoChain
As of 24 October 2016, Niels Jonkers will be a Senior LCA expert at EcoChain. Niels studied environmental chemistry at the University of Amsterdam, where he also did his doctoral research. He has over 8 years’ experience in LCA methodology development and ...
EcoChain develops virtual sustainable factory
A virtual factory can indicate precisely where losses (to pollution) of materials and fuels are taking place. The savings....
Recycle Concept ‘Stack It’ is a good example of circular economy
Moonen Packaging, a developer and distributor of sustainable packagin has managed to make the coffee cup circular. The coffee cups are....
mm1 and EcoChain announce their collaboration
mm1 and EcoChain announce their strategic collaboration. This collaboration creates new....
Tebodin and EcoChain introduce the Circular Production Scan
Tebodin and EcoChain worked together to introduce the Circular Production Scan. In just one day....
Roy Schmidt new Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) specialist EcoChain Technologies
New Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) specialist.

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