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Tebodin makes sustainability actionable
    Tebodin developed a circular production scan based on EcoChain in early 2016. In recent months, the consulting firm has gained experience. The tool will be used to discover optimizations at existing production sites and new projects, then assessing the consequences for CO2 and MKI targets. Often new insights are discovered that appear to be very useful for for example new construction projects.       Sustainability concrete "With our...
Tebodin makes sustainability actionable
Tebodin use EcoChain as an essential part of their ‘Circular Production Scan’, a service through which their clients can optimise both existing production sites and planned projects.
3 priorities for sustainability - 1) the product, 2) the product, 3) the product
Like me, I suspect that most of you reading this post will regard yourselves as environmentally aware consumers. In which case, when you last bought a new item, did you read the manufacturers sustainability report before making your choice? No, neither did I. Having said that, in..
Tebodin and EcoChain introduce the Circular Production Scan
Tebodin and EcoChain worked together to introduce the Circular Production Scan. In just one day....
Gartner selects EcoChain
EcoChain: Cool Vendor in Supply Chain Execution Applications.
Oerlemans Packaging signes agreement
Oerlemans Packaging from Genderen has signed an agreement with the Dutch technology company EcoChain Technologies in order to initiate the first LCA supply chain initiative in the Packaging industry.
TOP-5 MOTIVATIONS for Life Cycle Assessment
In the past year we have seen a strong growth in the use of Life Cycle Assessment. EcoChain Technologies has formulated the TOP-5 MOTIVATIONS for Life Cycle Assessment....  
Sustainable purchasing
Sustainable purchasing Purchasing departments in the Dutch industry increasingly source sustainable products. Determining the sustainability of products is often considered as difficult. How can you compare different sustainable solutions and evaluate the effects they .....  

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