Measure environmental performance: revolutionary, faster, easier, cheaper and more accurate

Based on the award-winning EcoChain invention, Activity-Based Footprinting

The EcoChain Application

Faster. Produces results after just a few hours or days instead of many months. What’s more, you can perform Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) for all your products with a push of the button.

Cheaper. In the past, a single Life Cycle Assessments used to cost between €15,000 and  €25,000. You can have a complete EcoChain contract for just €175 per month. It lets you perform Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) for all your products. The EcoChain Basic contract is available for €25 per month.

More Accurate. Fully certified. Meets, or surpasses, all national and international standards.

Easier. Anyone can use this application. It requires no special training. The smart programming assists you, advises you, and corrects your errors.

Service. EcoChain has a team of specialists ready to help you with your frequently asked questions to help you save time and to make the most of the intelligent EcoChain Application.

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Industry leaders are using EcoChain

  • Geberit EcoChain
  • Moonen Packaging Ecochain
  • Desso Ecochain
  • Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix EcoChain
  • Philips Ecochain
  • Oerlemans plastics

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*   excl. €150 one-time administration fee and VAT
** excl. €150 one-time administration fee, 9% support fee and VAT

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