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EcoChain LCA

1000 LCAs in 10 days
Look beyond initial suppliers and connect REAL TIME to the complete underlying supply chain. Gather data and build a solid business case for optimisation, analysing energy and resource flows. How?

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Calculate your
Environmental Footprint

EcoChain Footprint

Our Environmental Footprint Application to help you manage Energy use, Machinery and Transportation. A perfect first step towards a more sustainable business.


Become an EcoChain expert

Get an extensive training to further increase the LCA instruments at your disposal. EcoChain provides you with new insights as we explore Activity Based Footprinting, a new way of mass calculating product LCA's.

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EcoChain takes your environmental calculations to the next level. Our application allows you to connect with your suppliers, collect data and calculate the most accurate environmental footprints possible. You get to manage your company, process, product and supply chain footprints real time and in one place: online.
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EcoChain can help you with the following solutions:

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Iconwhy EcoChain?

  • 1

    Mass calculate your footprint on a COMPANY, PROCESS and PRODUCT level.

  • 2

    Connect to your supply chain and source sustainable products.

  • 3

    Save energy and resources and monitor your progress continuously.

  • 4

    Increase your outputs 10 to a 100 fold and see your data accuracy increase.